E-Cig Accessories

Here at Alohma, we have all the vaping accessories you need from batteries, chargers, tools and more. If you want to build you own e-cigarettes or replace units, look no further. You can build something unique to you, to create your ideal vaping experience.

  • IMR Batteries
    IMR Batteries

    E Cig Batteries

    IMR batteries are some of the most popular batteries for electronic cigarettes. Depending on how much you vape, you could need to swap a new battery in every couple of hours to get the best hit. Most people have a few extra e cig batteries on hand to make sure they have one ready when they need it. 

    The most common IMR battery is the 18650, but there are many other sizes of batteries, so make sure you get the one that fits your device.

  • Chargers

    E Cig Chargers

    So you have an IMR battery, now what? You'll need a specialized charger to make sure your batteries are always charged correctly. Not all e cig chargers work with all batteries, so make sure you read the descriptions to make sure the e cig charger works with your batteries. 

  • Wick & Wire
    Wick & Wire

    E Cig Wick

    When you make your own coils, you need some wick & wire. E cig wick is the cotton-type material, and e cig wire is wrapped around the wick. Some vapers like to make their own coils To get the best flavor and most vapor, while other choose to buy already made replacement e cig coils.

  • Drip Tips
    Drip Tips

    E Cig Drip Tips

    Drip tips are the mouthpiece at the top of your electronic cigarette. They remove the need for cartridges but are also added for aesthetic purposes and to enhance the flavor and vapor production. Drip tips come in all different shapes, colors and sizes and are usually used by practiced vapers as ‘drip’ means the liquid is poured directly onto the atomizer.

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Showing 1 - 24 of 54 items