I love your products

Posted on: Sep 11, 2018 | Author: Anita A

My husband and I came to your store in West Omaha on Oct. 11th. 

I love your products

My husband and I came to your store in West Omaha on Oct. 11th. After many questions and the raving reviews of one of his employees as well as your vapers, we both made our purchase for us as well as his aunt. we now are on our first week with out a cigarette. we just can't stop talking to everyone about it. We have already converted my mother-in-law and sister-in-law. My children have even commented on how much better our clothes smell.I have never allowed smoking in the house but even smoking outside that smell was always in our clothes. Now being near any one that has a cigarette lit, stinks so bad, My food tastes great!  I am converted, I have already started lowering my nic levels, my energy levels are going up and I no longer cough like i use to. I can not thank you team enough for all the help they gave us that night. I will never stop talking about your product to every one I come across that ask me about it and how well it worked, believe me I have tried everything before and nothing has worked as well as your products have. 

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